Tottenham could sanction Lo Celso and Romero

The Tottenham Hotspur could punish players Cristian Romero and Giovani Lo Celso for incidents in the qualifier for the World Cup Qatar 2022 between Brazil and Argentina. They were suspended by the health authorities of the South American country.
Five minutes into the meeting, members of the Brazilian health authorities took to the field to interrupt the game due to the alleged illegal arrival of Lo Celso, Romero, Emiliano Buenda, and Emiliano Martnez, Aston Villa players, to the country by not complying with the mandatory quarantine for UK passengers.

This incident has not pleased Tottenham Hotspur, since they were opposed in the first instance to letting the players go, but they had no option to be forced by the rest of the entities.
Now, according to English media, the English team could sanction Romero and Lo Celso, who still do not know what their next destination will be, since the plan was that when leaving Brazil they would travel to Croatia to avoid the mandatory quarantine in ten-day hotels, as they should be doing in the UK.

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